Budgeting for your home and kitchen appliances may be a trickier business than you envisioned. There are so many choices and the cost of these items can add up quickly! How do you decide which appliance is right for your family? It’s not an easy task but we are here to help.

We’ve done all of the research for you and can point out some appliances that are must-have for your kitchen whether they are on your list right now or not, maybe this will inspire you to start looking at kitchen appliance deals. Speaking of deals, this website has a great set of Appliances to Buy Under $100.

  1. Refrigerator

There are thousands of refrigerator models on the market and it can be extremely difficult to choose one. First, consider your family’s food preferences and habits when thinking about which type of fridge will best suit you. Next, check out the features available in each model such as crisper drawers or an ice dispenser in the door. Consider your kitchen space when deciding on the size of appliance you will need. You can find a great cost-saving deal through our site on all types of refrigerators so do a price comparison and see what might work in your budget!

  1. Range/Stove

There are many options to choose from here as well. If you have a smaller kitchen, or tend to cook simpler meals, a single range may be enough for you. However, if you love to bake or host dinner parties often, then perhaps a double oven range is for you! Other things to consider are the features available with each range such as built in timers, self clean options and different cooking top styles such as smoothtop or ceramic.

If an electric range is right for your kitchen, then browse through our website and do a price comparison to find the best deal on one that fits perfectly into your budget.

  1. Dishwasher

Now who doesn’t need a dishwasher? Of course we all need one but there are so many options! We suggest deciding if you want a standard sized dishwasher or perhaps something smaller such as top-load or under counter models. You can even pick out appliances with adjustable racks and bottle washers now. Look at the features of each model and decide what is most important to you in terms of convenience and energy efficiency when it comes to this appliance. Again, check out our site for some great deals on dishwashers will fit into your budget nicely.

  1. Microwave

This is another appliance that everyone needs in their kitchen! The top things to consider when deciding on this appliance are how many people you cook for each day, if you love to bake or reheat leftovers and the size of your kitchen. Current microwaves also come with countertop models as well as built-in wall ovens so look at what styles might be right for your home.

  1. Range Hood

Every modern kitchen needs one of these! They assist with cooking by sucking up steam and odors and look great while doing it. There are many options available such as stainless steel or other colors and styles to blend in with your home decor. If you go for a built-in range hood, then choose the style and size that best fits your cooking area. Also, don’t forget to check out our site for some outstanding deals on these!

  1. Cooktop

Depending on if you like to cook will determine what type of cooktop is right for you. Electric stove tops come in all different shapes and sizes depending on where they will be installed and how many burners you need. Look at the features available which usually include coil knobs or smoothtops and whether you want an electronic ignition or not. Ceramic glass cooktops are also popular and very easy to clean! If you want something more high-tech, then consider induction cooktops. These are extremely efficient, fast and come in either coil or solid plate options.

  1. Knife Set

If you love to cook, then the most important tool in your kitchen is probably a good set of knives. Not only do they help cut food, but if chosen correctly they complete the decor of your space. There are many types of knives available so look for an 8-piece starter set with steak knives included. Stainless steel is popular and won’t rust over time while ceramic blades are extremely sharp and stay that way for quite some time!

  1. Coffee Maker

Another absolute necessity in any kitchen is a coffee maker! We suggest researching different styles such as drip or French press options based on what you will use it for on a daily basis. Also think about how much storage space you have in your kitchen because at times these appliances can be bulky. If space is an issue, then a single cup brewer may be for you.

  1. Toaster Oven

If your family loves to eat toast in the morning or need a smaller oven for personal pizzas and snacks, then consider purchasing a countertop toaster oven . These usually fit easily onto kitchen counters or can even be tucked away inside cabinets when not in use! Just make sure it will fit where you want to place it before buying one.

  1. Blender

These appliances come in many styles such as high powered blenders that can crush ice and mix drinks while others are simply simple 2-speed options perfect for pureeing soups and smoothies. Decide what features are important to you such as cord length and you will be able to find a great blender at an affordable price!


With these tips under your belt, you will be able to create the perfect modern kitchen with ease. When it comes to choosing appliances, always think about quality first and look for great deals online.