There is no doubt that food packaging will have a big impact and influence on the mind of consumers. They will decide why, how, and what to purchase when it comes to their favorite food products. If the packaging design for the food items is good it will be functional and market-friendly at the same time. Whenever the consumers are looking for something different, trends in packaging a big change occurs.

The packaging industry has also gone through major revolutions so it can cater to the needs of demanding customers. There are new designs and the cutting-edge printing technologies make them even more appealing. Here are 5 major food packaging design trends you can’t ignore.

Back To Nature

Nowadays customers are demanding eco-friendly products. There is a great awareness when it comes to saving the environment and keeping health in a good condition. Sustainable ideas are incorporated to create the perfect food box. This trend is getting popular even for those food items that are not certified organic or natural. Most of the designers from renowned packaging companies are using nature to depict some innovative designs.

The graphics that feature landscape and other natural elements will highlight the essence and real taste of the product. The packaging itself is going through a big change as eco-friendly materials like cardboard and Kraft is used instead of plastic. The consumers of food are impressed with natural labels rather than artificial designs. Ethical packaging for food is also a new trend of today and fair traded products should be labeled accordingly.

Big And Bold Color Schemes

Big and bold color schemes for custom food packaging are in high demand. The use of bold and flat colors will make the food product more appealing. When the packed food products are placed on the shelf of a busy retail store the customers will get attracted if the packaging is good. The food brands can choose a color palette that goes well with the theme of their brand. It will become easy to showcase the story of the brand while the logo will make them even more recognized.

All the necessary details about the food product that includes expiry and production date along with the nutritional value can be printed on the top of these boxes. Nowadays the packaging designs can be innovative and you don’t have to use those same old rectangular boxes anymore. You can choose to be creative to showcase your food items in the grocery store.

Interesting Facts

Most of the packed food items like chips, biscuits, ketchup, and other such items have a limited shelf life. They have to be sold in a fresh condition or else customers will never purchase it. The food packaging has to be functional that can keep the taste, aroma, and freshness of the foods safe. It should also protect these products against all the harsh elements like sunlight, air, and moisture. Make sure that you choose sturdy packaging that can keep the taste and freshness intact for a long time. Whenever customers are purchasing snacks they will not buy the product if the packaging is not portable.

When it is easy for them to carry the product with ease they will not think twice before purchasing that item. If you offer them quality food that they can consume right away it will enhance your sales too. Sometimes QR codes and embedded tech is also used that give more information about the food product. The connection between the brand and customers also improves.


Custom food packaging that involves minimalism is never going to come down in popularity. You can choose the packaging according to the taste of your customers or else they will never connect with your food brand. If you are selling fast food or other foods for supper and lunch make sure you choose easy packaging designs. It will not only elevate your brand but your targeted customers will come back for more.

Nowadays lifestyle is so hectic people don’t have time to open up difficult packaging. They prefer something easy to open and dispose of while they can enjoy their favorite food. The consumers are sharp and they are moving away from flamboyance and cluttered designs. If the packaging is clear, informative, visible, and has no extra frills it will become highly popular. Food products can become more appealing if dayglo and fluorescent shades are used. The abstract designs and holographic effects can also work wonders.

Transparency In Ingredients

Consumers will want to know what they are consuming and if the food box has enough details they will be happy to have it. It is important to gain the trust of your targeted customers and it is possible only if your brand is transparent while printing the ingredients. Custom food packaging should boast a minimal aesthetic design. The labeling is done at the center of the box and it is enlarged so everyone can easily check it.

Instead of having a fine print to show off the ingredients, it is better to become more prominent. High-quality digital and offset printing can be used on the box and it is easy to customize the box according to the demands of targeted customers. You will not be surprised that healthy ingredients can be used as keywords that will attract new customers. Personalized labels will also act like a free marketing and advertising tool for the brand.

Why Are Food Boxes Popular?

Food boxes are popular as they can hold different types of food products. They are available in different shapes and can be customized according to the demand of your targeted customers.

How Can You Customize A Food Box?

It is easy to customize a food box that is made up of cardboard. There are lots of printing techniques that can be used on them. It is natural and recyclable that will keep toxic chemicals away from the food.

What Are The Characteristics Of Good Food Packaging?

The food packaging should be secure, aesthetic, functional, and versatile. It will also help to enhance sales and revenue in a short time.