A cell phone tracker is a piece of software that you can install on your target phone to monitor and track every activity performed. It can track GPS location, call logs, messages, and many more. Users can monitors tablets and PCs connected to the internet. Phone tracking apps are everywhere on the web. It works to protect digital space and to keep an eye on their hidden whereabouts. Moreover, employers can use it to track employee’s location working outside the premises of a company.

We have chosen the best cellphone tracker app for location tracking out of dozens of applications. It claims to be the best in the business. Most of the apps only provide typical location tracking features, but the one we have chosen has exclusive features that allow tracking cell phone locations. Further, it has plenty of features other than tracking mobile GPS tracking.

Which is the best cell phone tracker app for location tracking? 

There are dozens of apps are floating on the web and laymen cannot judge easily which one he/she should choose while tracking someone’s location. We have come up with the ultimate and reliable location tracker that parents and employers should use on cell phone devices connected to the internet. 

Install TheOneSpy phone tracker app for tracking location 

It is an application that is best for monitoring mobile locations without them knowing. It empowers you to know about your kid’s hidden whereabouts to protect them from drug abuse, blind dating, and from sexual hookups in partying.

Employers access the target cellphone device secretly. Further, monitor and track every activity that happened on the target device. Moreover, look at the following features that the best phone tracker software is offering.

Track real-time location of a cellphone is possible with a phone tracker

Users can perform pinpoint and accurate location of a target device secretly. You need to use an android spy app on the target device to get the job done. You can get access to the web control panel to activate the live location tracking feature. It will navigate users virtually on the map. Users can get to know about the areas where the target cellphone device is moving at the moment.

Live location empowers you to:

  • Remotely watch GPS location of target mobile device
  • You need to stay updated about the current location 

Watch location history of a cellphone  

You can watch the location history of your target device, like weekly and daily location history. You can activate the features using a secure web control panel and get location monitoring on the map. You need to install the best phone monitoring app on the target device of your child and get to know about the hidden whereabouts of kids and how much time they have spent in each place. Users can track current and accurate locations.

Location history tracking feature let you:

  • Get daily location history of the target device
  • Track weekly location history of your child
  • Get location history with schedule 

Track target device location without using GPS

TheOneSpy is the best cell phone tracker app that empowers you to track and monitor the location of a cellphone without using GPS. You can use the calls and SMS of the target device and get access to the phone, and monitor phone location to the fullest.

End users can monitor kid’s and employees’ locations without using the target device GPS. You can spy on live phone calls and messages sent and received to know about the real-time location of a mobile.

Cell phone monitoring app empowers you:

  • Track mobile location without using GPS
  • Track cellphone location by SMS

Users can use sent and received SMS on the target device and further get the real-time location of the target cellphone device. You can trace out your kids and employees without using GPS and by sending SMS commands on the target device to monitor the live location of a cellphone device.

SMS commands empower you to:

  • Send SMS on the target device to watch the kid’s location
  • SMS commands received on target phone user will get location
  • Once the SMS commands are received it will send the location to the web portal 


TheOneSpy is the best cellphone tracker that allows you to track target device location. You can use its features, like real-time tracking, location history, and track phone without GPS and sending SMS commands.