These days more and more customers are showing interest in EHR products and services. 

Physicians surely need this software in their lives to make clinical tasks and procedures easier for them by digitizing all patient data. 

A name that tops the EHR service provider list is Practice Fusion. It is ranked amongst the most in-use vendors, all thanks to its modern healthcare technology. If you are interested in its details, this article is your ultimate stop. 

Here, we will highlight its key aspects that show that this is a well-suited platform for all medical professionals, with no exception. 

About Practice Fusion:

Practice Fusion is a relatively new free cloud-based enterprise founded in 2005 known for its electronic health record system. It is inclined towards small practices, individual practitioners, and specialized medical care clinics for optimizing their tasks. Practice Fusion has a massive customer base of around 112000 active monthly users nationwide and manages over 100 million patient records, 

This vendor has partnered with hundreds of well-known companies to make medical practices less frustrating for healthcare providers by presenting more comprehensive and valuable offerings for them. The cloud-based software offers exclusive suites for EHR, practice management, scheduling management, and revenue cycle management, all accustomed to reliable features. 

It enables medical professionals to improve patient care delivery with integrated support service, automated updates, and a free patient portal. Besides this, the best of all EHR systems handles multiple tasks simultaneously, including patient charting, lab reports, e-prescribing, data entry, billing, and task management. 

Practice Fusion wins by compiling several distinct functionalities in a unified platform rather than wasting all resources dealing with basic administrative capabilities. Its well-regarded selling points include patients’ medical live feed, diagnostic history, eligibility check, immunization records, patient involvement, labs, and imaging.

Why should you use Practice Fusion?

Its founders profoundly understand that needs of the clinical landscape have evolved. Hence, unlike other EHR software, this vendor relies on a user-driven and patient-centric approach and works in sync with continual changes in the healthcare industry. It aims to offer products and services to ensure patients get the healthcare facilities they deserve for proper treatment. 

EHR service:

Practice Fusion is a more effective EHR service that works by maintaining the patient history and lets physicians add custom medications on prescriptions. Adding to it, it supports a robust email feature to send medication dosage instructions to patients. 

Effective practice management:

Make your practice more productive and reliable, making no compromise in quality with this fantastic vendor’s end-to-end practice management solution. It features pro-tech tools for scheduling, eligibility checks accompanied by an intuitive dashboard.

Patient Management:

This module of Practice Fusion stands out in the market for its outstanding features and capabilities that ensure better quality patient care. Feature shortcuts, charts library, patient summaries, immunization records, and lab results let physicians tackle encounters in a better way. 

Customizable Implementation

Another reason that makes it the best choice for medical practices is its risk-free and quick implementation with minimal disruption. It also supports customizable implementation guides so providers can understand its services better. Its one-on-one training services help users customize the solutions. 

Provider License

Along with all these services, Practice Fusion has a competitive advantage of providing free-of-charge licenses to health care providers so they can deal with this software without any limitations. This EHR licensing permits providers to sign documents, chart notes, and manage drug dosage on prescriptions. 

Certified System

Each and every feature on Practice Fusion complies with industry protocols to ensure a meaningful patient experience. It is also accustomed to all certification requirements, including HIPAA, ICD-10 codes, and ONC. Following through the set rules and regulations, providers praise this vendor for its utmost reliability and credibility.

Key Features of Practice Fusion

This platform holds a wide range of features geared towards improving clinical efficiency by streamlining operational workflow and financial performance, and these features include:

Billing and Payment

Physicians can create bills readily by automatically filling in information using patient charts where, on the other hand, patients can receive updates about payment information and billing statements. This feature also scrubs claims to reduce denials and verifies insurance claims by checking insurance eligibility.

Practice Administration

It revolves around the basic concept of merging tasks and custom reports. Physicians can refer to patients remotely with their records and history to carry out all essential tasks even on the go. For a more enhanced customer relation, it offers a secure pathway compliant with HIPAA standards to get in touch with patients and other specialists.

Health Analytics

For more accurate patient treatment and diagnostics, it offers an outstanding health analytics feature. It works by tracking patient vitals, identifying patterns that lead to proper patient care. Furthermore, this system makes treatment more accurate by documenting all critical information digitally to avoid human errors and legibility mistakes. 

Patient health Tracking

Its easy-to-use tools make it workable for clinicians to monitor and track patients’ data side by side. Practice Fusion’s specialty-specific templates, patient charts, and diagnosis codes simplify treatment procedures for physicians. Also, it engages patients to participate throughout their treatment process. 

In addition to these unique features, other offerings of Practice Fusion EMR software include e-prescribing, lab integration, patient portal, appointment scheduling, reporting, data analytics, and insurance claims checking.

Reviews of Practice Fusion

User reviews of this feature-rich software show that clients love it for its robust functionalities that offer a high level of productivity and boost patient satisfaction. In addition, it facilitates efficient communication and restores any missing lab reports in no time. 

Most users like it for its military-grade security measures to keep patient records safe and easily accessible across the network. According to 40% of its customer reviews, its interface slows down and glitches while handling heavy tasks.

Pricing plans of Practice Fusion

This EHR vendor offers a single plan for all providers alike regardless of their size and specialty. 

It charges $149 per month per provider with no exception. Practice Fusion offers a demo and a 14-day-free trial, too, without any risk of commitment.