So you think your existing window needs a new window covering? Installing the new window shutters would be a good decision. If you have heard first time about window shutters, do not worry as we are here to introduce you to the window shutters. Also, we will discuss the top reasons why custom design window shutters in Saint Monica are a great home investment.

What are shutters?

The window shutters are currently the most popular window treatment options among homeowners and they are replacing their traditional window treatments like curtains and blinds with shutters. The shutters have become popular because of their aesthetic appeal and insulation features.

The window shutters are characterized by tilted wooden louvers that look almost similar to the slats on the window blinds. But the shutters are fitted to the window frame and can be opened just like doors, rather than pulling the drawstring to open.

The window shutters are available in a wide range of materials like MDF, polyresin, vinyl, and wood. Vinyl and wood are the most popular materials being used for designing window shutters.

Let’s highlight the ultimate reasons why window shutters are a great investment.

Strong and sturdy

When compared to other window treatment coverings, the window shutters are sturdier and stronger. If you reside in an area with high winds, nothing can be better than installing window shutters. The shutters create a solid barrier between the indoor and outdoor. It does not mean that shutters don’t allow some of the air in. They basically provide protection again the high winds that are hazardous.

More privacy

Privacy is one of the most important reasons to have window coverings at home. The shutters provide enhanced privacy. It does not allow outside people to peep inside, and also reduces the noise entering inside. Simply, shutters are resistant to sound. If there are senior citizens at your place and you want to create a peaceful environment indoor, then install the window shutters.

Shutters are easy to clean and great for allergens

Shutters are considered super-easy to clean. Use a clean and dry duster cloth or vacuum attachment to eliminate the debris and dust gently. Do not immerse the window shutters in water or use any harsh and abrasive chemical solvents. This may cause wood to warp and discoloration. You can use cotton dampened with water on stubborn stains and dirt. Since the shutters do not attract much dust and debris and are easy to clean, they are great for allergies.

Shutters can be motorized

The window coverings with motorized options are in the current trend, which allows the homeowners to operate the window covering from the comfort of their bed or couch. Plus, the motorized option is also great when you have a window is given closer to the ceiling, which is out of your reach. In such cases, motorized shutters are the best alternative. The motorized shutters also include a feature that allows you to set the timing to open automatically at a certain time of the day. Likewise, the shutters can be programmed to open and close during the daytime when the sunlight is intense and directly enter inside. This ensures the protection of your carpets, fabric, and wooden floors.

Shutters are energy efficient

It is one of the key reasons why shutters are considered a great investment. Since electric price is soaring, many homeowners are switching to window shutters that have the capability to stop the indoor coolness from escaping and restrict outside sunlight from letting in. This way, you will see a drastic reduction in your energy bills.

They are safer for children and pets

Safety must be an important criterion while choosing the window coverings. The window shutters qualify in terms of safety. Unlike blinds, it does not have cords that can cause safety hazards for children and pets. Plus, if you choose a motorized option, you completely avoid the safety risks, which allow you to control the amount of light and noise coming in within a single click of your remote.

The final take

The shutters are indeed ultimate window coverings because of such good reasons. The only thing you need to ensure is always getting assistance from the window treatment experts to choose and install the window treatment, no matter if you choose window shutters best custom window blinds from the window treatment store in Pacific Palisades.