Redbox accessible on almost every TV and the mobile platform now that Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming has released its streaming app in December 2020. (It’s not yet on Amazon Fire TV, but Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming is working on it.) To reserve your Redbox DVD rentals, you may already be using the phone app that includes a streamer from the company.

Smith talked with Decider on Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming plans this week, as the firm became a NASDAQ-listed company.

The Streaming Service Has Been Around For Almost A Year Now. Is There Anything Fresh To Report?

GALEN SMITH: We’ll be putting together a channel platform shortly. Subscription services like Netflix and Hulu will let us connect our 40 million customers with digital Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming services that don’t now have a direct method to reach them.

For Example, Redbox Has Curiosity Stream, Which Costs X Dollars, And Magnolias Selects For X Dollars.

That’s exactly what I was going to say. Right now, we’re forming those alliances in preparation for a product launch in the second quarter of 2022, which will include several launch partners. We’ll be able to join up and pay for our subscriptions all in one spot.

I Notice AVOD Providers Like Pluto TV And Imdb TV. Recognize Your Target Or Kiosk Consumer?

Those services aren’t well known, thus we have a large, untapped market. We’ve been in business for about 20 years, and we have 39 million members in our loyalty program. When we offered 500 points for 30 minutes of Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming last week, no one else was able to match it.

To watch movies, you’ll need to use a different app than the ones I described, which are fine for ad-supported content. We’re putting it all in one location and making it easier for customers to get what they want.

I’m Amazed HBO Max and Peacock Don’t Rent or Sell Movies. Like Redbox’s Library-Building Function?

I do, as well. With Redbox Promo Code consumers will have a better overall experience if you consolidate all of your material into one location. We believe that combining all of these features into a single app would allow us to better serve current customers while also attracting new ones. 

In addition to the subscription services and the free material, you’ll see any digitally purchased movies on the Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming app straight away. Apple devices will be able to play back any purchases you make on other platforms.

I’m Already Seeing Redbox Titles From Lionsgate. Any More John Wick Redbox?

We can’t tell for sure when certain titles will be available on the services, but we’re trying to obtain the best ones we can. It’s great to have Lionsgate on board as a partner and investor.

Who Else Invests In Redbox Except For Redbox Itself?

There are several big-name investors in our company: Lionsgate; Legendary; Screenvision Media; and Basil Iwanyk of the John Wick films. Using Iwanyk’s label, Asbury Park, we will make 12 unique action films for our company. After this year’s delivery, we plan to market our first product in 2022.

So, Just The Kiosks And Redbox Will Be Able To Rent Such Films?

Because we aim to maximize the title’s value while also supporting the artists, these films will be made accessible on a variety of platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, and Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming kiosks. We’ll ultimately recoup our investment in the subscription rights by selling them to a Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming service, where they may be used to sustain our ad-supported company.

Do You Believe That Redbox Should Have Unique And Exclusive Titles?

We believe the service might benefit from unique and exclusive content. We’ve had excellent success licensing films and making them available to our customers, and now that we can do so in an environment over which we have complete control of the distribution rights, we can figure out how to make the most of it.

We’d be able to provide Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming free channels with exclusives and original content. Our Redbox New Movies, Redbox Streaming service is getting a boost with the addition of free channels that will be syndicated on Roku Channels or VIZIO TV.

The Major Studios Have Pay 1 And Pay 2 Contracts Now. Will New Redbox Titles Be Scarce Soon?

To save money, we’re looking at later programming for the service’s ad-supported tier. We wish to provide our own titles to the service. Having a good idea of what our consumers want, we plan to buy or produce such movies and put them on the ad-supported side after some time.

None On HBO Max Or Amazon Prime Video. Do You Agree?

We’re always adding new platforms, and Sony Playstation 5 was recently introduced a few weeks ago. There is a market for us on Amazon that hasn’t yet been served by Amazon, and we believe we can help fill it. We believe we could build a long-term partnership with Amazon.

An App Is Needed To Rent Or Purchase Movies On Apple TV. How Far Along Is Apple?

This is a problem with the Apple tax, for want of a better phrase. Even if our app is available on Apple devices, it would be prohibitively costly to allow users to make purchases and view material they’ve already purchased on those platforms.

A better long-term solution may be found depending on the outcome of the case or the involvement of Congress. When it comes to Google and the Google Play Store, we don’t have this problem.

If Amazon Sells MGM And Decides To Spin Out Epix, You May Want To Buy Epix.

Speculation and discussion about possible mergers and acquisitions are off-limits to me. We’ll keep looking for ways to expand our company, and our 40 million consumers’ ability to connect with other companies may provide some of those changes.

Let Me Ask You A Question You Can Answer: Is Going Public Going To Make It Easier To Purchase Other Companies?

Yes. [Laughs.] Having a new currency in our stock allows us to make possible purchases.

Where Do You See Chances For Distribution, Content, Or Technology To Aid You With Streaming?

You got it. Those are the groups. We’ll explore distribution synergies. Buying a library would be fun. We might perhaps advance our technology by using tech or ad-tech.