Sports and other physical activities can make an overall positive impact on our bodies in numerous ways. We can build muscles, relieve stress, strengthen relationships, improve sleep, strengthen our hearts and lungs, and even increase our confidence.

While there are indisputable benefits to participating in sports and other such physical activities, there are still potential risks. You could injure yourself, from something small that’s more of a nuisance to something detrimental and even life-threatening.

That is why it is so important to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe so that you can enjoy more of the benefits of your favorite sport and less of its dangers. In comes wearing protective gear. For softball players, there is one that is mandatory: a batting helmet. Meanwhile, there are others that are discretionary and based on personal preference.

One example of such a piece of equipment is the softball elbow guard.

What is a Softball Elbow Guard?
An elbow guard is exactly as its name implies: a guard for your elbow. In the batter’s box, players stand sideways and hold their bat up with the bat’s knob around the same level as their back shoulder. The typical batting position leaves their front arm bent at an angle that places their front elbow pointing towards the pitcher.

With this stance, batters leave their front elbow exposed to all pitches. It is the closest part of the body to any pitch that comes towards them. Because of this, the elbow is in danger of being struck by a pitch.

Why Wear a Softball Elbow Guard?
While it is not mandatory to wear an elbow guard in softball, it can be highly recommended. This is because elbow injuries suffered while in the batter’s box are the most common injuries on the softball field.

This is especially true for those playing fastpitch softball, as your reaction time can be greatly hindered with the speed of the pitches coming your way. When being hit in the elbow with a 65-mph pitch, the pain can really be jarring.

When being struck in the elbow with a softball traveling that fast, you can cause great damage to the bone, tendon, or muscle. The elbow is a highly utilized part of the body, but it shouldn’t be overlooked as a candidate for protective gear. Why not lessen the chances of injuring this delicate part of the body by wearing an elbow guard?

Should You Wear a Softball Elbow Guard?
If you don’t mind having something on your elbow and that it won’t affect your swing, then we recommend it. You will properly protect your elbow from fractures, breaks, and other such injuries that will not only cause you great pain, but also a lot of time off the diamond!

Elbow guards are typically made of lightweight padding and other materials to provide your elbow with optimal protection without hindering your comfort or performance.

So, the decision is up to you: wear an elbow guard to keep your elbow safe, or don’t wear one and leave your elbow exposed to fast pitches and potential injury.

Where Can You Buy Elbow Guards?
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