The decision to purchase an Android phone for your own personal use usually starts with deciding what kind of smartphone to buy. You can either choose a simple smartphone or spend a little more money to get a nicer smartphone. The choice depends on how often you need to update the device or the type of tasks you want to do with it. I personally use an iPhone for everything related to social networking, email, maps, and other apps that require constant updates. Android phones are often viewed as inferior devices, but their superior hardware provides an easy-to-use device that can run many high-end applications and not break down when updated. The disadvantages of Android are that Android devices are not as reliable as iPhone devices and require more effort in getting apps that work perfectly on an Android phone.

Honestly, there is not much difference between Android and iOS devices for personal use. That is not to say that iOS devices cannot do certain tasks that Android can. However, iOS devices are more of a safe and convenient choice for many smartphone users because iOS devices offer better support for a wide variety of high-end applications. My personal recommendation to anyone is to choose an Android phone for their personal use only.

A simple look at Android and iOS


The Android operating system is the new kid on the block, first introduced to the market in 2008. At that time, Apple did not introduce its own smartphone to compete with Android smartphones. However, by 2010, Apple released the iPhone 4S and a whole new group of people entered the smartphone market. Thanks to Android’s simple user interface, these people were easily able to choose an iPhone over an Android phone, which has its own user interface.

The UI of an Android phone looks quite similar to that of an iPhone. One of the differences between Android and iOS is that the Android OS does not support third-party apps that offer a GUI similar to that of the iPhone. To get this kind of GUI you have to install an app on your Android phone and then you can use an Android browser with an iPhone browser. The usability of these two devices is vastly different and only a handful of apps support this kind of functionality. Even though this has been a successful feature in iOS for a while now, most of the top apps in the market still support both iOS and Android, which makes it easy to buy an Android phone and use it with your iOS devices.


The iPhone interface looks just like Android’s UI, which explains why iOS devices are also popular among Android users. The core difference between iPhone and Android phones is that the iPhone uses a custom-designed operating system, which can support apps and other features that Android phones can not run. That means iPhones can support only a limited amount of third-party applications.

Android and iOS look almost identical and most Android phones have a custom UI similar to that of an iPhone. iPhone devices are most popular for their interface because iOS supports more applications than the other two operating systems and this also makes the user experience smoother and more convenient. Even though Apple created this interface for its own devices, it will still be able to work perfectly with any smartphone that runs iOS.

Either Android or iOS is great for personal use because it provides you with an easy-to-use device that can be used with your mobile devices, your PC, and your desktop monitor. If you do not like either of these operating systems, then I highly suggest investing a little bit more money to buy a device that supports a superior operating system.

A Simple User Choice

Which operating system would you prefer for your smartphone? Most people will choose Android, but I know that many people also choose the iPhone. I am sure that the reasons are not only personal but many of them are also rooted in general cultural and business trends. People tend to want to make investments in companies that look like their friends and family, which means that companies that are related to Apple and Android are more likely to gain attention and attract investors. That is why many people who want to buy a smartphone tend to buy an iPhone, whereas people who want to buy a different smartphone tend to choose an Android smartphone, which is also the most popular smartphone among those who want to pay for a smartphone by the device, and not by the monthly fees.

Is an Android phone a good investment? If you do not want to do thorough research on the tech world and you are not sure about the user experience, then the answer to this question is yes. The user experience and the user-friendliness of an Android phone make it a good investment. It is no longer a good choice for a newbie, but if you are already aware of the differences between Android and iOS you will be able to buy an Android phone and use it with your desktop computer.


If you think that a smartphone is just a small device, then you have to look at it from a different perspective and think about what it can do. Most smartphones are quite expensive but they can be quite useful for a lot of people. If you already have a smartphone and you do not want to buy a new one, then investing in an Android phone will provide you with a smartphone that has a user-friendly interface, more applications, and a better user experience.