America has finished its longest conflict in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden declared on Tuesday, hours after the last US departure plane flew out of Kabul air terminal in the midst of celebratory gunfire from the Taliban, leaving the country in confusion and its future dubious under the standard of hardline Islamist aggressors.

The last plane conveying US powers left Afghanistan on Monday around 12 PM, a day early, finishing a 20-year war that left almost 2,500 American soldiers dead and spread over four administrations.

The C17 airplane’s takeoff from Kabul’s worldwide air terminal was the last part in a disagreeable military exertion, which ultimately saw the US giving Afghanistan back to the very Islamist aggressors it looked to uncover when American soldiers entered the country in 2001.

Celebratory gunfire and firecrackers ejected across Kabul as Taliban contenders assumed liability for the air terminal after the withdrawal, announcing “full freedom” for Afghanistan.

“Presently, our 20-year military presence in Afghanistan has finished,” Biden said, expressing gratitude toward the military for their execution of the risky retrograde from Afghanistan with no further loss of American lives.

“Until further notice, I will report that it was the consistent suggestion of the Joint Bosses and of the entirety of our officers on the ground to end our transport mission as arranged.

“Their view was that finishing our tactical mission was the most ideal approach to ensure the existences of our soldiers, and secure the possibilities of regular citizen takeoffs for the people who need to leave Afghanistan in the many months ahead,” he said.

The president, who will address the country later on Tuesday, said he has requested the Secretary from State to lead the proceeded with coordination with US worldwide accomplices to guarantee safe entry for any American, Afghan accomplices, and outside nationals who need to leave Afghanistan.