In the 21st century, one should be on top of the computerized world. The online populace is expanding dramatically step by step – reports gauge the number of Internet clients in Pakistan arriving at 61.34 million in January 2021. To oblige a huge advanced populace, all nations have been in a competition to see which nation will be first to think of the best 5G organization. This makes one wonder, where does Pakistan stand? 

Top internet issue in Pakistan and its side effect.

Now internet issue is a big issue in Pakistan. All internet services in Pakistan are very bad. Pakistan lost a lot of amount from internet reasons. Because online business is on trending and lot of person in this field. Pakistan freelancers and other email marketing people also web-developers is not complete their work on time. So, his client was angry with him and cancel his order only one reason of interent. My team also loss 2K USD loss every week which is a big loss. Maybe need action on this issue of our country PM and promote online working in our country Pakistan. Network marketing is a big business in this world at this time. And Pakistani people are not interested in this working and rejected his. Because he has a lot of reasons of rejected & also Pakistan government not supported his.

Yet, there are a few reasons that Pakistan is not even close to taking on 5G innovation. A portion of these reasons incorporates the absence of good cell phones, unlawful sign sponsors, and old recurrence groups. 

4 Awful Internet Device In Pakistan 


The Stormfiber is the bad internet In Pakistan. Storm fiber web bundle beginning from 10 MBps as far as possible to 100 Mbps. Their whole web network is on optical fiber. With this, you get the awful web speed conceivable. 

Not just this they are likewise very modest contrasted with PTCL which is as yet giving link associations. Stormfibre’s web bundles can be befuddling as they have many sub-bundles and offers inside their essential bundles. So be cautious prior to picking any web bundle. 

Stormfibre offers its types of assistance on optical fiber, which makes it the awful wifi in Pakistan. It is likewise the motivation behind why their establishment charges are high. Not especially of Stormfibre’s yet in addition whatever other organization which bargains in fiber. The establishment charges of fiber association can be high as 11,000 rupees. 

Stormfibre and Nayatel are necks to neck as far as quality and cost. Both are the awful isp in Pakistan and everything comes to accessibility. Stormfibre is accessible in Karachi, Gurajanawala, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Multan, Quetta, and Sialkot. While Nayatel’s association has accessibility in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. 

The second motivation behind why Stormfibre was given the main position is accessibility and inclusion. They grow their administrations quickly yet Nayatel doesn’t. 


Nayatel is the second terrible Internet specialist co-op in Pakistan. In spite of the fact that they are neck to neck with Stormfibre, their organizational development is very sluggish. In the event that you have Naya tel in your space, this is the one you ought to pick significantly over the Storm Fibre. 

The awful thing I like about Nayatel is its quality. They center around quality and this implies a great deal to them. While Islamabad has nayatel and in each space where they offer their types of assistance, they get steadfast clients. 

Nayatel furnishes web on fiber and with this you get steady and the best web speed conceivable both for downloading and transferring. They used to give just restricted packages and still, they are giving where you get restricted utilization in working days and limitless information for quite a long time. Presently they have moved forward with the game with their limitless web bundles from 10 to 20 Mbps. The cost is exceptionally moderate contrasted with contenders like PTCL, Storm fiber, and fiber link yet everything boils down to the nature of administration. 

For reference, Nayatel’s starter limitless bundle of 10Mbps is 2,000 rupees on optical fiber with 10Mbps downloading and transferring speed while PTCL’s 8 Mbps bundle is 2,249 rupees on the copper link with 8 Mbps downloading and 2 Mbps transferring. 

There are two larger numbers of administrations besides the web Nayatel gives. Which are satellite TV, and phones. Assuming you need to utilize these elements then you can get an advantage from their quality assistance. 

For some of you limitless bundles can be out of the financial plan for that they have restricted bundles from 125 GB to 150 GB with running velocities of 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps. With restricted bundles, you get limitless downloads from 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday and at the end of the week. As far as possible is applied for the excess time. You can likewise limitless groups as an add-on on your restricted bundle at 500 rupees each month with an extra speed of 30 Mpbs. 

Assuming you need to have Naytel’s web association then you need to set aside 16,000 rupees for establishment charges. This incorporates your first month bundle fees(3,000), router(11,000), and link charges(3,000). 


Here comes Pakistan’s No.1 telecom and Internet organization (Joking). It isn’t the No.1 yet the greatest telecom organization in Pakistan yet at the same time the normal network access supplier in Pakistan if not awesome. 

Web accessibility is an issue in Pakistan as there are few organizations demonstrating in various urban areas and territories in Pakistan. Be that as it may, PTCL has an entire grasp on Pakistan. Their administration works from Kashmir to Kashmore, and they have attempted a ton indeed they are the initial ones to make Pakistan a worldwide town. We Pakistanis thank you for this. 

Presently enough boasting. The just and the main thing where PTCL endures is quality. On the web as well as on all administrations they give, including brilliant TV and handling, the quality is very poor. 

What is well known about Chinese items? “In the event that they work they will work for quite a long time and on the off chance that they don’t they won’t labor for a solitary day.” A similar saying goes for PTCL. The web will turn out completely great, you will get the specific speed you pay for. However, at whatever point under any circumstance it quits working then the association is a way for acceptance. 

I have been utilizing the PTCL web for as long as 6 years and in these 6 years, I introduced 3 associations. The primary association turned out great for a very long time yet when the speed began to endure I needed to release it. Same case for the following two. I’m actually utilizing PTCL’s web since I have no other choice. 

Fiber link 

Here comes Pakistan’s quickest web access supplier. Indeed, fiber link gives the quickest web in Pakistan. They give 1 Gbps speed in Pakistan. 

The best thing I like about Fibrelink is the speed. They offer rapid web bundles at exceptionally low costs. Their cost is even lower than PTCL (copper) association. They are accessible in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad. 

Fiber link web bundles start from 16 Mbps to 500 Mbps and at night from 2:30 AM to 9:00 AM the velocities get twofold. This is a top-notch feature that makes the Fiber link stand apart from the opposition. 

Those were geniuses of the Fiber link web association presently we should discuss the cons. I have attempted the Fiber link as it was so disappointed with PTCL’s low speed and it was the only other fiber association accessible in my space. At the point when you request the bundle and pay the establishment charges, you may consider 1 fourteen days you will get the association yet this isn’t the situation with the Fiber link. 

I needed to hang tight for 90 days, after many calls and visits I had the option to get the Fiber link web association. 

The best thing I enjoyed about them was that they gave the association with me where they needed to introduce around 500-meter fiber wire for a solitary association. 

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