Plumbing problems are very common in all households. We all have had experiences with clogged drains, though easily fixable, which can still create a lot of other troubles. So let’s look at the top reasons your drains might get clogged often and how you can prevent them by hiring home plumbing repair services in Hyrum, Utah.

Top reasons your drains might be getting clogged 

There are various reasons that result in the pipes getting blocked. Some of them are:

  • The biggest and most common reason for clogged drains is using your toilet as garbage disposal. Flushing down foreign objects like empty toothpaste tubes or rigid boxes can not only block your drains but can also cause potential damage to them. Even small objects like floss boxes are difficult to flow through the pipe and accumulate over time to create a blockage. Hence only things that should go down the toilet drain are tissues and human waste. If the drain is clogged, it’s always recommended to get it fixed by a professional plumbing service and repair in Smithfield, Utah.
  • Your garbage disposal, though the name suggests garbage, is not for disposing of all the trash. Big and rigid debris like last night’s dinner remanents better belongs in the trash can. You can also invest in a kitchen sink strainer that will not allow the big debris to flow into the pipes and block them. 
  • When tree roots expand underground, they often come across drains. If these drains are damaged, rusted, or in a weak condition, these tree roots easily enter these pipes. Hence these roots can cause blockage by themselves or by bringing dirt with them, accumulating over time to create a blockage.
  • If drains are damaged, there may be small leaks and holes present in them. Small particles or dust enter the pipes through these faults and can cause partial or complete clogging of the pipe. They also reduce the water flow. This makes the process of rusting faster and decreases the lifespan of these pipes rapidly. Hence, it’s always recommended to keep a regular check on the lines in your home by hiring home plumbing repair services in Hyrum, Utah.

How can you identify clogs and blockages in your drain pipes?

There are several ways to identify plumbing problems, such as:

  • Bubbling toilets. Sometimes due to clogs, there are air bubbles present in the drains. These air bubbles try to escape from the water through your toilet. Hence, if you see gurgling and bubbling in your toilet, there is a very high possibility that your toilet drain might be clogged. 
  • Bad odor around your home. Sometimes the food particles or the waste that clog the pipes, decay, releasing toxic and foul odors. So, if you can smell bad odors around your place, there is a chance that your drains might be clogged. 
  • Slow drainage. Sometimes due to partial blockage, the water flow is reduced. This makes draining waste slower. 
  • Wet patches on your walls. These pipes that run behind your walls can have damage through which water might be leaking. This water can seep through the walls, and you can notice wet patches. These wet patches weaken the walls. Hence, it is vital that you get these fixed with a plumbing service and repair in Smithfield, Utah, as soon as possible.  

Can I clean the drain pipes myself?

These drain pipes, usually made up of plastic, are delicate. If hard objects are used to clean them, it can cause irreversible damage. Also, using brute force to clean can also break the pipes. So it is always recommended to hire professionals because:

  • Professionals providing home plumbing repair services in Hyrum, Utah, can quickly diagnose the problem. Sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint what is causing the problem or where it is present. Since they have the right knowledge and expertise, they can quickly get an answer for all this and take the next step accordingly.
  • They have the right tools for the job. As mentioned above, drain pipes are delicates, and the use of improper tools can damage the pipes.
  • Sometimes when you are fixing one problem, you can discover another, which can be more damaging and cause further problems later. Inexperienced people like us will not be able to catch these other problems, while people with experience will be able to spot them easily.

Hence it is always recommended that you employ a professional plumbing service and repair in Smithfield, Utah plumbing service and repair in Smithfield, Utah, whenever you are facing plumbing issues.