When you think of tea, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is sipping a cup of hot Earl Grey with your family. But what if I was to tell you that there was a range of fresh fruity teas available for purchase and that the flavors are not only super imaginative but so delicious that you will be coming back for more! Imagine a Four Seasons Fruity Orange tea and a Lychee Pitaya tea? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Tea is no longer the boring drink that reminds you of your grandma; no, everyone can enjoy an imaginative fruity tea drink any time of the day! So what are the different options and flavors available if you were to have a craving for a fresh and fruity tea? Glad you asked!

Song Tea’s Range Of Citrus And Fruity Teas

If you haven’t tried a citrus base for your tea, then you are missing out. Orange is a particularly good flavor when mixed with tea, and no matter who you are, you need to stop by a Song Tea location and buy the Four Seasons Fruity Orange tea. Why is it called Four Seasons? You should go in and ask them. Most likely, it’s because it is amazingly refreshing to drink in any of the four seasons. Is it winter? You should buy Four Seasons Fruity Orange Tea. Spring, Summer, Fall? Same answer! The orange and citrus base is incredible on its own; you can customize it to make it truly yours. Want extra sugar? Sure. Think you’re sweet enough as it is? No problem. You can also add different ingredients, including lychee jelly (highly recommended), black tea jelly, coconut pudding (why not), and more.

All of the citrus teas at Song Tea can be customized, although personally, we think they are amazing as they are. Other than the Four Seasons Fruity Orange, you can also try their hugely popular Grapefruit Green Tea, their Pear and Strawberry Green Tea, and Passionfruit Green Tea. Love you some kiwi fruit and apple, then the Apple Kiwi Green Tea is calling your name! The Four Seasons Orange and the Grapefruit Green Tea are even available hot, so it really is perfect no matter what the weather is (or just what your taste buds are telling you.

Lychee Flavor In Tea.

Yes, you read that right. That funny red fruit is actually one of the best flavors when mixed with a green tea base. And how can you possibly improve on a lychee green tea? By adding dragon fruit, of course! Genius! The tea experts at Song Tea have called their lychee and dragon fruit mix the Lychee Pitaya Tea (it turns out that pitaya is another word for dragon fruit! Who would have known!). It’s seasonal, thanks to the limited availability of the fresh fruit, so make sure you check with your local store to make sure that it’s on the menu if you get a craving for it. Lychee has a subtle yet sweet taste, and it just mixes so well with the dragon fruit. When you order the Lychee Pitaya Tea, you are able to customize it how you wish (just like you can with all of the drinks on their menu). Personally, I don’t think it needs much sugar, but if you are a sweet tooth, you will love it with 100% sugar! If you really have a taste for lychee (and we don’t blame you), you can order it with additional lychee jelly as a topping. Other great customization ideas include the addition of black tea jelly, tie guan yin jelly, and coconut pudding. One thing we know for sure is that the Lychee Pitaya Iced Tea is bound to become a favorite of yours, and you will look forward to it when it returns to the menu!

Leave your expectations at the door when it comes to ordering tea-based drinks. Try something different and guaranteed delicious at Song Tea. No matter your tastes and what type of tea drinks you favor, you will fall in love with either the Four Seasons Fruity Orange tea or the Lychee Pitaya tea, or both! You’re welcome!