The social media accounts of fashion and beauty bloggers and influencers are filled with skincare routines and products. It may also tempt you to try a skincare routine. However, before you start a routine, you must know your skin type. Understanding your skin type will help you to find the right cosmetic and skincare products. If you are still unsure about your skin type, continue reading:

Normal Skin

If you don’t experience frequent breakouts, you don’t need to moisturize constantly, and your skin is firm with minimal wrinkles and fine lines, then your skin type is normal. Dry skin doesn’t react negatively to weather changes and new products.

Normal skin does not experience oiliness, dryness, and sensitivity. It means that your skin can survive most of the ingredients, and you can experiment with a wide range of skin beauty products onlineExplore the products until you find one that works for your skin. 

Oily Skin

Do you think your skin is glowing? Do the skincare and make-up products don’t stay on your skin for a long time? You might not be a stranger to mattifying powders or blotting sheets. 

The major concern of oily skin is shine control. When you skin cosmetics products online CAavoid one that contains alcohol, petrolatum, mineral oil. Buy products that contain hemp oil as they don’t clog your pores. Clay masks, chemical exfoliants, and oil-free moisturizers. Don’t over wash your face, as it can dry out your pores and lead to more oil production. 

Dehydrated Or Dry Skin

Dehydration and dryness are two separate issues but have common symptoms. Let’s understand about each of them:

  • Dry skin is caused due to lack of oil. Its symptoms include cracks, itchiness, sensitivity, and flakiness. It may be a result of environmental factors, lifestyles, or chronic conditions such as eczema.
  • When your skin is unable to retain adequate moisture, it results in dehydration. The skin may feel tight, have fine lines, or papery appearance when pinched together.

If you have dry skin, buy moisture products for skin and apply them several times throughout the day, especially after bathing or washing your hands. Avoid products that contain citrus oils and harsh soaps.

Avoid oil-based skin cosmetics products online in CA if you have dehydrated skin, as they can worsen your skin condition. You should invest in water-based products and drink plenty of water every day. 

Combination Skin

If you cannot relate to any skin condition mentioned above, you likely have a combination of skin. T-zone is the strip across the forehead and down the nose while the rest of the face is normal or dry skin.

If you have combination skin, you should stay from skin beauty products online same dry and oily skin as the alcohol-based product. Use balancing cream or toner to even out the skin. 

Acne-Prone Skin

If you suffer from frequent breakouts, there are high chances that you have acne-prone skin. The pores of your skin tend to get clogged easily and make you vulnerable to blemishes, blackheads, or whiteheads. You may have dry or oily skin that is prone to acne. 

Use a cleanser or buy moisture products for skin formulated to heal acne, exfoliate your skin, and minimize breakouts. Be gentle while cleansing your face to avoid trauma to existing breakouts. 

Sensitive Skin

Environmental factors, allergies, or genetics may cause sensitive skin. The signs of sensitive skin are:

  • Irritated, dry, or flaky skin
  • Negative reaction to scents
  • Burning or stinging sensation after the use of a cosmetic product
  • Frequent bumps or rashes
  • Skin flushes easily

As you are more vulnerable to breakouts, burning, stinging, redness, and irritation, you should be very careful while selecting skincare or cosmetic product. Choose products that have anti-inflammatory, healing, and calming properties. 

Mature Skin

With time, your skin also ages; however, each skin ages differently. You might start noticing dryness, wrinkles, dehydration, dullness, dark spots, sagging, and fine lines.

Mature skin requires better skincare. You should include an anti-aging routine in your lifestyle to restore beauty, boost collagen, and protect your skin. 

The Bottom Line

The first step towards taking care of your skin is understanding your skin type. Every person’s skin is different, and selecting the wrong skincare product can damage your skin.