Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are here to make HR’s life easier. Conceived as a powerful
dashboard that unites a series of actions all in one place, it upgrades the whole recruitment
process to the next level. It all starts with an extended outreach to potential employees and
continues with secure resume storage, automated processes, and so much more. In other
words, the software helps simplify the process to reach an ideal job-candidate match.
Benefits of Using ATS
To meet modern demands, HR departments must equip themselves with the tools of the trade.
More and more businesses adopt an ATS as a means to upgrade their potential. Below are
some of the main benefits that attract an ever-growing user base.
Maximize Your Outreach
Relying on an Applicant Tracking System helps increase your initial outreach to a larger pool of
candidates. This is on account of a series of features, including connectivity to leading job
platforms like LinkedIn. What is more, as a user, you will benefit from ongoing support in
managing all stages of the recruitment process.
For example, you can send out a batch of pre-employment tests for each vacant position to
selected candidates. Thus, you can introduce a whole group of candidates into the next stage at
your convenience with only a few clicks.
Automated Process
Custom-built messaging features help you prepare a ready-to-send message for each stage of
the recruitment. What is more, an automated job posting push can ensure that your
announcements continue to receive prime visibility. While built-in additions, like background
checks, help filter out candidates that do not meet the specific requirements set for the
advertised vacancy.
Settings such as these are extremely important when juggling many recruitments in parallel or
working with a large candidate pool, as they help HR stay on track.
Customization Options
When relying on aiding tools to upgrade recruiting, it is essential to infuse a personalized
element to your outreach. Although you heavily rely on technology, the candidate should still
feel that they are dealing with a real person.

Try to add a personal touch to your messages, like a detail from the candidate’s resume or,
even better, something learned during a previous interaction. After all, recruitment is a two-way
street; the candidate must also be won over to the side of the company you represent.
Better Management of Candidate Resumes
The platform offers easy access to candidate CVs and safe storage. Having the resumes
collected in a single place allows you to order them based on set criteria, which can help the
revision process. Feel free to take side notes with aspects that you wish to revisit or bring up
with a candidate during the interview.
The ATS can serve as a meeting place for all the HR members involved in the process. It is a
user-friendly software that not only favors multiple users being active at the same time but also
collaboration and teamwork.
Helps with Psychological Profiling
Use the Rapid Recruit Software to improve your hiring process by creating candidate profiles.
One of the great advantages of this tool is that it can help measure critical soft skills needed for
a position, thus predicting the cultural fit of a candidate. Soft skills is an umbrella term used for
traits that enable a candidate to become well-integrated at the workplace. Some of the ones
trending in HR circles right now are:
● Communication
● Flexibility
● Self-motivation
● Time management
● High tolerance of pressure
However, these should serve as a mere guideline for evaluating candidates. Soft skills are not
set in stone; they can be nurtured and developed over time, just like technical skills.
Stay Connected
Designers of ATS tend to pay special consideration to keeping users connected to the online job
market world. Thus, the system is usually integrated with major job-related platforms, like
Final Thoughts
An Applicant Tracking system is more than just a faithful companion in the recruiting process; it
has become a must-have tool for HR departments to meet modern requirements. The tense

period caused by COVID-19 offered a viable platform for the software to prove its great
outreach potential and versatility in remote recruiting.
However, as we slowly “return to normal”, the job market will likely be subject to a new wave of
challenges, as more and more people will seek new and better career opportunities. Thus, HR
departments should prepare in time and equip themselves with the right tools to help navigate
through the oncoming trial.