If you see hair strands on your towel, comb, or on your clothes, then you should not take the issue lightly. Constant hair fall can turn out to be scary. You should find out the reasons behind your hair fall. Is the cause of your hair loss due to dandruff? If yes, then make sure to treat the dandruff problems as early as possible. You might have tried out various solutions to control dandruff. Unfortunately, all your attempts have gone down the drain. Use ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo which will kill fungus from your scalp. Is ketomac shampoo sulphate free? Yes, ketomac shampoo has no sulfate. Hence, it can be used without worries. 

Pay Heed To Stress And Diet

Stress gives rise to many health disorders. If you are going through stress, then you will have hair fall problems. If your hair loss is due to stress, then your hair fall is not permanent. Keeping yourself off from stress can control your hair fall. 

Your diet plays an imperative role in hair fall.  If your diet has a lack of protein, then experiencing hair fall is natural. Also, lack of vitamin B and iron can also lead to hair loss. Your hair falls because your hair does not get sufficient nutrients. As a result, the roots of your hair weakens and fall. Strengthen the hair follicles with proper nutrients-based food. 

Avoid Hair Styling For Healthy Scalp 

Today’s women love to style their hair and so are you. Using blow dryers or curling tongs can enhance the appearance of your hair for the time being but the hair styling products can lead to permanent damage to your hair. The more you use hair styling tools, the more hair fall you will notice. The hair styling products contain harsh chemicals which destroy the roots of your hair. Excessive use of hair styling products can damage scalp as well as hair follicles.

A healthy scalp will give you healthy hair. When your scalp is clogged with oil and dirt, then follicles get clogged, resulting in white flakes. Dandruff will make your hair fall eventually. To prevent hair fall issues, you need to maintain a healthy scalp. You have to make sure to avoid hair styling products which can cause problems to your scalp. With a nutrient-rich diet and pepper care for your hair, you will be able to keep dandruff and hair fall in check. 

Bid Adieu To Hair Fall 

Normal dandruff shampoos may not be able to prevent dandruff. The use of ketomac shampoo will help control dandruff as well as hair fall. Many customers have a doubt: does ketomac causes hair fall? Using ketomac shampoo will help your hair grow, as the effective shampoo has Ketoconazole as its prime ingredient. Patients who deal with chronic dandruff and excess hair fall are advised to use ketomac shampoo. 

When you apply keto shampoo on your scalp, then the effective shampoo will obliterate dandruff and your hair fall issues will be solved automatically.