The cannabis business will become the new liquor business in 2022. Gone are the days when the weed taboo was being seen as a westernized stigma and now it’s the ‘inhale the good vibes, exhale the bad vibes’ culture that’s driving enthusiasts and users crazy. Finding the top cannabis regulatory service providers is now a real possibility.

Here Are Some Common FAQs We Must Answer To Clear Confusion

A – How To Sell Cannabis Legally?

To sell cannabis, the only priority is a valid license that will be issued by the government of Canada. However, there are provincial regulations in some of the dispensaries, laboratories, and production units where some standard education is required to apply for a job. You can avail the best licenses by making use of the top cannabis licensing services in the country.

Every employee of a licensed cannabis dispensary should be on the roster and have his or her own personal permit to work on the premises.

B – How Many Types of Cannabis Licenses Exist In Canada? 

There are a lot of different types of cannabis licenses in Canada including subclasses such as the cannabis micro-processing license, cannabis standard processing license, cannabis medical sales license in Canada, etc.

Here we explain a few major licenses you can get from the top licensing services in Canada:

Cultivation license: A standard cultivation license gives the right to possess, obtain, and sell cannabis by means such as cultivation, propagation, and harvesting only. The sale must be only done to certified cultivators or stores. This license includes standard cultivation, micro-cultivation (surface area not more than 200m2), nursery (up to 5kg cannabis flower heads).

Processing license: A standard processing license gives the right to possess, produce, sell, and obtain cannabis by means other than cultivation, propagation, and harvesting. The sale can be done with certified cultivators or on their behalf from other verified sellers. The license includes a cannabis standard processing license and a micro-processing license.

Sale license: A standard sale license gives the right to possess, sell, distribute cannabis for medical purposes, to retail stores, to analytical research units, to nurseries, and to anyone who can legally obtain cannabis via a pass or permit in the country.

Cannabis service regulatory provider are the only way for recreational sale, which in turn prevents unauthorized or illegal selling.

There are other major licenses like – Research License, an Analytical Testing License, and a special Importation & Exportation license for the transportation, import and export of cannabis within and outside the country.

You can find the right license for your apt requirement with the help of the top cannabis licensing services in Canada.