The Federal skilled worker program is a very good gift from Canada to people across the globe so that they can efficiently have a very promising future in Canada. The Canadian government has perfectly realised that launching this particular system is a very good idea so that immigration of the candidates will be carried out very successfully on different kinds of parameters in the form of occupation, work experience, language skills, education, age and so on.

The skilled worker visa for Canada requirements has to be complied with within the whole process by the people so that they can efficiently apply for this particular system without any kind of chaos. This particular program is perfectly managed by the express entry application management system and enter this particular system Canada is aiming to welcome approximately more than one lakh immigrants per year. Most of the successful Express entry candidates immigrate to Canada through the Federal skilled worker program only so that they will be having accessibility to fulfilling careers in Canada.

The step-by-step guide of applying for this particular concept has been explained as follows:

  1. First of all, people need to find out if they are meeting the basic eligibility criteria or not and this particular concept can be checked with the help of the eligibility tool on the official platform
  2. After this, people need to submit the express entry profile onto the website of the immigration, refugees and Canadian citizenship
  3. After this people be receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence because the authorities will be holding the express entry draw is approximately every two weeks.
  4. If people will be receiving the ETA, then they can go with the option of submitting the completed permanent residence application to IRCC so that they can move to Canada with the help of proper completing of the application.

The top six selection factors are explained as:

  1. Education: In this particular case people will be awarded a maximum of 25 points for Canada’s Federal skilled worker program
  2. Language skills: In this particular case people will be awarded maximum of 28 points for their language skills
  3. Work experience: In this case, people will be awarded maximum of 15 points the per work experience acquired in the last 10 years
  4. Age: In this case, people will be awarded maximum of 12 points for the age
  5. Arranged employment: In this case, people will be awarded up to 10 points for their current employment
  6. Adaptability: In this case, people will be awarded up to 10 points for the adaptability

Apart from this people also need to demonstrate that they will be having sufficient settlement funds to support them so that the dependents in whenever they will be migrating to Canada which is the main reason that fulfilling all the requirements for skilled worker visa in Canada is important to deal with the things very smoothly and efficiently.