‘Impressum’ is a Latin word take to German, which means ‘Imprint,’ ‘Credits,’ ‘Legal Disclosure,’ ‘Legal Notice’ or ‘Statement of Ownership.’ It is a fancier of words of ‘about us’ and ‘Term of Condition’ sheet.

The business, Impressum, is a compatible legal term used primarily in Germanic countries, given a legally mandated statement of a document’s ownership and authorship. In these countries, the “Impressum” by the law requires books, newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Impressum page on the web is related to “About Us,” “Company Info Pages,” or “Terms & Conditions” page. The term of Impressum has not such legislation in English-speaking countries related to laws and publication terms regarding owner or authorship disclosure. For example

  • Masthead: Newspapers and magazines, a list, usually found on the Page, of the members of its board.
  • Colophon: Books note indicates the book’s metadata, such as date of communication, printer, and publisher.
  • Imprint: Under UK Printer’s Imprint Act 1961, which change the earlier Newspapers, Printers, and Reading Rooms Repeal Act 1869, any printer should put their name and address on the first or last leaf of every paper or the book they print or face a penalty of up to £50 per copy. Under Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, any election material, including websites, must show the material’s promoter and the person’s name and address on whose behalf continue to produce.
  • “Site notice,” “Legal Notice,” or “Legal declaration” for the websites in English was commonly used as a page title to link the legal metadata to the use of terms.

None of these terms is precisely similar to all contexts an “Impressum,” so in certain principalities and jurisdictions, an Impressum may still need. Hope you understand the what is an impressum with our explanation. 

Even it is neither needed by law to create an Impressum, it is still the best practice to an info page about the business, company, or brands.

Some lawyers aggressively scrutinize their client’s competitors’ websites for this information and send cease-and-desist letters if it is not correctly constructed or missing altogether. For this reason, Facebook has added a division of the public page settings for adding an Impressum.

 Details depending on the type of company. German websites bring out by individuals or organizations based in Germany, so an Impressum is required regardless of whether it is in the domain. It is principal to note that if you are situated outside of Germany, providing products or services to people or businesses within Germany were not bound by the Telemediengesetz Act.

Write Impressum for the Facebook Page.

The Impressum section should have the following particular about your Facebook page.

  • Name of your Business or Organization
  • Address of the Business or Organization.
  • Occupation includes Contact information, mobile number, fax number, and email.
  • Name of the owner or the manager of the Page and the Business or Organization.
  • Enrolling or license number for Business or Organization.
  • Links Business or Organization official website Impressum.
  • Click on the About on the left side of the Page.
  • Click on Page Information.
  • Click edit the Impressum section and add your information.
  • Click on Save Changes

Visitors on the Facebook Page will be able to see the information when they click the ‘About’ link below your Facebook Page’s profile. Facebook has limited the characters. You can use qt 20000 for the ‘Impressum’ entry.
On Facebook, you provide the minimal basic Information that Facebook wants to legally cover if you are placed or become placed in a jurisdiction where the Impressum is mandatory is an easy way for Facebook to manage the situation by implementing minimal code and resources. Should the business be needed based on a jurisdiction where the law’s Impressum required more information depending on your Business or Organization and its service type? Facebook can comply by entering and storing the minimal information while presenting a link to the Business or Organization to the official Impressum page. In this way, the liability was transferred to the Business or Organization creating the Facebook Impressum.