Relief from pain and inflammation has always been a challenge and there are scores of products for different types of pain syndromes. Unfortunately, most such products that have a topical application, hardly work below the skin surface. Pain syndromes invariably originate from some kind of inflammation, which has a neurological base such as neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. Conventional pharmaceutical formulations just do not have the chemical composition to make an impact at that level without causing harmful after effects and side effects. CBD formulations work at that molecular level and nano-amplified CBD formulations work even deeper and are ideal for your wholesale CBD in New York

There are patients suffering acute and chronic pain for years and who are ever ready to try out new formulations if they promise relief from such unbearable pain. Unfortunately, the history of pain management with conventional pharmaceutical solutions has been one of the broken promises. The arrival of cannabinoid or CBD as the most important ingredient of new alternative topical applications has brought fresh new hope for those enduring acute and chronic pain. You need to have CBD products in your inventory. 

A nano-amplified formulation from Serenity Wellness 

Serenity Wellness is a reputable and reliable name in alternative healthcare products. Their topical pain application has the goodness of the best herbal ingredients infused with nano-amplified CBD which works very deep at the cellular level where conventional formulations cannot reach. Such products should form part of your wholesale hemp shop inventory. 

When it comes to sourcing ingredients, Serenity Wellness is very particular about what they procure and from where. Their herbal ingredients are non-GMO and neither do they use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. That explains why their healthcare products are so effective and popular. Your wholesale CBD store should have Serenity Wellness products.


The best way to grow and expand your wholesale CBD business 

The production side of the CBD-based supplements industry is driven mainly by private label manufacturers who believe in scaling up in partnership with resellers whom they allow brand-owning rights. As a result, there is a flood of private label CBD brands that can be found in wholesale CBD stores. 

As the owner of a wholesale CBD online business, you have the experience of marketing and selling CBD-based products in a fast-growing market. You could use this experience to have a line of Wholesale CBD products under your own brand. This can add another new dimension to your business.  

Secure supplies of CBD-infused products for your wholesale store 

The main advantage of owning a private label CBD brand along with your wholesale CBD business is that you neither have to manufacture the products nor build your own manufacturing facility. You just need to partner with a private label CBD manufacturer who will supply you with the products. 

Just as you need a reliable manufacturer to supply products to your wholesale CBD shops, you will need a supply of products for your brand which will also form part of your inventory. The only difference between the two streams of supply is that the products for your own brand will have your own labels. Please visit for more information.