Some surprisingly popular searches right now on Google are associated with the cost of eCommerce SEO, if it’s really necessary to succeed in online business, and what it all entails.

Interesting, given that we’re just a few weeks away from 2022 at this point, and SEO continues to be one of the driving forces in digital marketing because of the organic growth potential it offers.

If you’re tossed up about SEO or a neophyte to everything it entails, here are some of the most important attributes of expertly crafted eCommerce SEO services. Be sure to ask any prospective provider about them.

● A website audit
Many providers of eCommerce SEO services will offer website audits that scan your website for a variety of technical and other errors, including broken links, toxic backlinks, duplicate content, issues with file size, site speed, structure, and more. The best audits will also offer you insight into your current organic rankings as well as the positioning of your key competitors.

● Technical and site structure adjustments, where necessary
If your website doesn’t have a logical, crawlable site map, or, for example, has not implemented a robots.txt file, eCommerce SEO services should account for this and rectify the issue, as well as minifying code, addressing issues with Javascript, schema, and more.

● Broken link and crawl error corrections
Basic issues like broken links and crawl errors can result in penalties from Google or can result in search engines not crawling key pages on your website. A reputable provider of eCommerce SEO services will address these issues for you.

● Industry and keyword research
In order to develop a marketing strategy for your eCommerce business, SEO experts must first perform industry and keyword research to determine the most lucrative target keyword options for you to pursue.

● Content publication (blog writing, copywriting, and more)
New, original, UX-optimized content is a massively important ranking signal, and there are many different ways it can benefit your online store. It can provide tips, inside information, encourage conversion rates, support content marketing initiatives, and much more. It can also give your pages an SEO boost. It’s one of the most important on-page optimization aspects of many eCommerce sites. A well-developed content strategy should include blogging, copywriting for your category and product pages, supplementary copy for other key CMS pages, and more.

● Internal link building
As a part of an eCommerce SEO agency’s SEO content strategy, internal link building should be included as this gives your website an effective way to distribute authority across key pages on the website.

● Backlink building
Backlinks are hard to acquire and the traditional method of trading for them is laborious and time-consuming. Expert eCommerce SEO companies are likely to maintain industry relationships that enable them to generate juicy backlinks for their clients more quickly and effectively than can be done organically.

● Continuous monitoring (GSC and GA), customized reporting, and professional consultation
There are too many moving parts in eCommerce SEO not to monitor the changes in organic keyword rankings and user behavior very closely. Strategic partners will monitor your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts for fluctuations in organic rankings, impressions, clicks, and other valuable user behavior in order to gauge the success of a campaign.

A team of eCommerce SEO professionals should also deliver detailed reporting on these metrics and serve as a strategic agent for your eCommerce store, offering advice and suggestions to adjust the strategy as necessary throughout the course of the campaign.

● Responsive development
One more small note that has a big impact. As mobile web design becomes increasingly central to user experience, and as search engines allocate more importance to mobile friendliness, it’s useful to partner with a provider of eCommerce SEO services that can also design and develop a high-quality mobile design for your website.

Not all eCommerce SEO experts are also proficient with web design and development, but for long-term success, partner with one that is.

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