Unless you’re an HVAC specialist, the number of different types of heating and cooling systems out there just might make your head spin. There are electric packaged units, packaged heat pumps, ductless, mini-split systems, traditional split systems, dual fuel systems, and of course gas-electric package units, also known as gas packs.

Worse, the differences between these are not always readily apparent, especially without context. But worry not – we’re going to give you a crash course in gas package units (specifically 2-ton gas package units) so you can make some better-informed decisions.

Advantages of a 2 Ton Gas Package Unit
A gas-electric packaged unit (a gas pack) is a packaged HVAC system that contains an electric air conditioner and a gas furnace.

One of the prime advantages of a gas package is that everything comes bundled together. You get heating and cooling units as a part of the package. But the same is true of other packaged units, so where does a gas pack have the greatest advantage.

Well, the primary advantage of a gas package unit is that it has both a gas furnace and an electric air conditioner. Electric air conditioning units tend to provide the most cooling power when compared to alternatives (like heat pumps) although they might not be as efficient.

Gas packs also come with a gas furnace. Natural gas furnaces provide the greatest heating power and many of them bear high AFUE ratings for fuel efficiency. Since gas furnaces are more effective at providing heat in very cold temperatures when compared with heat pumps or electric heat strips, these are often the best choice in areas with very cold winters.

Because these packages how both an electric AC system and a gas furnace, they are suitable in areas with hot summers and very cold winters.

However, that does not automatically mean that a gas pack is always the best choice in an HVAC system.

Not So Fast: Alternatives to Gas Packs
In contrast to gas package units, there are a wide range of alternatives that are more suitable in different climates.

One such system is known as a dual fuel system or hybrid system, which often has a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. These are suitable in areas with winters that occasionally, but do not frequently deliver very cold temperatures. The system can decide whether to use the heat pump or to operate the gas furnace to deliver heat, depending on what makes sense given the circumstances.

Another alternative, particularly in hotter climates, is an electric package unit. These lack heat pump condensers and gas heat and are really only suitable in cooler climates as they lack powerful dedicated heating elements. They can, however, be paired with devices known as electric heat strips that can be used to provide a little bit of heat when it gets cooler in the winter.

Are 2 Tons Enough? Climate Zone and Square Footage
So a gas package unit might be a great choice for you if you live in an area that has both very hot summers and very cold winters – but is a 2-ton gas package unit enough? Let’s take a look at what the figures say.

A 2-ton unit should be capable of delivering 24,000 BTUs of heating and cooling power (a “ton” of air equals 12,000 BTUs), but just how much square footage it can cover is up for debate, depending on where you live in the country.

However, according to some estimates, a 2-ton unit should be able to heat and cool anywhere from 900 to 1,4000 square feet, all else being equal.

In order to get a more solid estimate of how much power you need to heat and cool your home, work for an HVAC specialist to conduct an energy audit of your home or contact the professionals at Budget Air Supply.

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