With the way the world is progressing there is also a pressing need for improving security, even if it means for your home. Home safety is obviously a top priority for anybody. When picking a place to move into people do their due diligence of surveilling the neighborhoods and surrounding areas – making sure their kids would be safe, their families and homes would be safe, and most importantly that they themselves will be safe.

There are many ways to secure your homes; from the basics like locking your doors and putting up fences or trip alarms, to advanced security systems, surveillance cameras and motion detectors. There is another way, however, and it may not seem as secure to you as the security systems do, but it really is a great device for home security – one that no one would anticipate.

Introducing Smart Video Doorbells, a device we didn’t know that we needed. Featuring smart technology, these devices are a much-advanced version of your standard video doorbell. And what’s great is that there are wireless doorbells (battery operated), as well as wired ones as well. Here’s all that these devices feature.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Video Doorbell

If these reasons won’t persuade you to get a smart video doorbell then we don’t know what will! Read below on some of the brilliant smart features you would find in these devices.

1.Exceptional Camera quality

That’s right, smart video doorbells may be small in size but their cameras are far from ordinary. Boasting a wide-angle view that can show someone from head to toe and what’s going on, on both sides, you can now view the video feed in crystal clear HD. Smart video doorbells also sport night vision or display clear video footage in the after-dark hours so you would not have to worry about that either.

2. Remote Access

Here’s the best part about these devices: remote and wireless access. Smart video doorbells have their own respective mobile applications that can be downloaded onto your smartphones, laptops and tablets. And here’s an additional great feature: some are compatible with Voice Assistants too!

Now whether you’re lying in bed upstairs, or you are out running errands or sitting at your desk at work, you can access your doorbell and answer the door from wherever you are. With the two-way audio feature speak to whoever is outside without actually having to physically open the door.

3. Real-Time Alerts

Given that smart video doorbells feature remote control access, they also feature real-time alerts sent to our wireless devices any time the bell is rung. But here’s the thing, it can also send you alerts along with a snapshot when someone is around but hasn’t rung the bell. That’s because they feature motion sensors and allow for users to set up a parameter that can set off any alert to their device instantly.

4. Home Security

With the real-time alerts and motion detection features, not to mention the amazing camera quality, smart video doorbells serve the purpose of providing security to your home too. Several models allow for Cloud storage of the doorbell video footage too, at additional costs – which means users can rewind and watch previous footage in case of anything.

Smart Doorbell You Can Buy

Here’s a smart video doorbell that is pretty popular in the market right now: the Google Nest Doorbell. Available in wired and battery-operated models, its price starts at $179.99. Now it may seem a bit pricey but it is worth the investment for your home, and here’s why.

As we mentioned that smart video doorbells have an amazing camera, then yes so does the Nest Doorbell. With HD video quality, the device delivers bright, crisp images down to the last detail regardless of the time of day. It is easy to install and can be configured through the Google Home app – so your device can be ready to use within minutes of installation.

With the advantage of remote control access, users can communicate with whoever is at the door straight from their wireless devices, whether they’re in line at the grocery store, at work or cooking in the kitchen at home. Answering your door has never been easier – it is the convenience we never knew we needed.

With a Nest Aware subscription users can unlock multiple features like mobile notifications, video recording, and even facial recognition so you can get alerts anytime you want to avoid your friendly neighbor Karen.

Call it whatever you want, but these video doorbells are exactly what this society needed – with the technology progression and lifestyle changes. It’s a simple and comparatively inexpensive way to make your home safe for your loved ones and yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to First Energy Home’s website www.firstenergyhome.com and get the Google Nest Doorbell for your home today!