●      Easy maintenance:

The frameless screen is easy to clean which makes them more hygienic. It has no frame which means you can easily wipe down with no angles and edges that are very difficult to clean. You can easily wipe the whole glass with a soft cloth or glass cleaner. The water spots and soap residue also remove by regular cleaning and your screen looks well.

●      Contemporary style:

This is another benefit of installing a frameless shower screen Sydney. It helps to improve aesthetics by increasing light and space in a room. It has no frame that blocks lights. If you have less space in your bathroom them frameless shower screen is one of the best options for you. However, it looks excellent in the big bathroom and it helps to keep them looking airy and right.

●      Easy to install:

The frameless screen is easy to install in your bathroom therefore it is the first choice of many people. You can install it yourself by DIY route or you can hire any contractor to install this screen as soon as possible. It is easy to install because it doesn’t have a frame that you need to bolt and fits perfectly.

●      Customizable:

On this screen, you can select any shape and style of the screen that suits your bathroom. You can also select different colours of glass. Make sure, you should select the colour and shape of the screen according to your bathroom.

To make your bathroom more decorative and unique you can select shower mixer taps along with frameless shower screen Sydney. Here you are going to know some types of mixer taps.

Different types of shower mixer taps

The shower mixer taps have three types like mechanical, double handle, and thermostatic mixer taps.

●      Double handle mixer tap:

It has two handles, the first one for the flow of hot water and the other for cold water. It is less costly but takes time to get the desired temperature.

●      Mechanical mixer taps:

It has an only single knob to control cold or hot water on one axis and control the flow of water on other axes. It is easy to use but it also takes time to obtain the desired water temperature.

●      Thermostatic mixer tab:

This tab has two controls, one for controlling the flow of water and another one for managing temperature. In this tab, you can set the desired temperature.

Frameless shower screen and mixer tab are one of the best choices for your bathroom. Select the best one and provide your bathroom new look.